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ORSS Case Study


Enhancing Service Delivery for Oasis Restore Secure School through Collaboration with 3rd Sector Organisations



At Scale was delighted to be part of the programme that delivered the NHS Health and Wellbeing Service within the new Secure School model. This model offered a ground breaking opportunity to create an integrated approach for providing health and wellbeing services to children and young people on remand or sentenced by court. The school will be operated by Oasis Charitable Trust and offers a unique combination of education, care, and health services, making it the first of its kind in England.


The project, Oasis Restore Secure School (ORRS), was commissioned by NHSE Health and Justice South East Co-Commissioning Board, together partners from education, youth justice, NHSE Children and Young People's service, and young people with lived experience of youth justice services.


Why Involve the Third Sector?

To deliver a comprehensive and integrated secure school service, the commissioning model recognised the value of involving 3rd sector organisations who are directly involvement in engagement and supporting the children, young people, families and their communities The traditional approach of appointing a lead provider and subcontracting to 3rd sector and grass roots providers often faces challenges and discourages 3rd sector participation.


Engaging 3rd sector organisations, who work closely with communities, their families, and local community groups leads to a unique understanding of their experiences and was recognised as adding significant value to the services offered by ORSS. These organisations bring fresh perspectives and approaches that larger providers struggled to provide. They represent the voices of users, communities, and families, focusing on the overall needs of the communities they serve. Their expertise and reach allow them to be responsive and develop innovative solutions tailored to the needs of service users. Moreover, their involvement brings social value, providing an excellent opportunity for 3rd sector organisations to stand out and add commercial value to bids for public sector contracts.


3rd Sector Engagement:

To encourage and support 3rd sector organisations' participation in the procurement and service delivery, a thoughtful and inclusive contractual process was developed. The service specification and evaluation approach would need to effectively demonstrate the value of their participation and ensure the partnership model's long-term sustainability. Market stimulation began with informal approaches to 3rd sector organisations to understand factors that would be appealing to them. At Scale was tasked with identifying factors that moved away from traditional partnership approaches and aligned with the desired outcomes of the vanguard project.


Market Engagement Event:

A formal market engagement event was held to gauge provider interest in delivering health, emotional, and wellbeing services for students at ORSS. At the heart of the Secure School agenda and Oasis core aims is to provide a school that offers a restorative opportunity for children and young people on remand or sentenced by court.


NHSE sought providers who could deliver both clinical and non-clinical services in partnership with Oasis. The event facilitated networking opportunities to explore collaborative delivery arrangements, and informed service and procurement process design.



Attendees stated the event provided a positive opportunity to converse and network and rated the overall event programme and content 4.7 out of 5. Key features included the opportunity to














This case study highlights the significance of engaging with 3rd sector organisations to enhance service delivery within the Oasis Restore Secure School. By overcoming traditional barriers and establishing an effective partnership model, 3rd  Sector organisations had the opportunity to contribute their unique expertise in supporting vulnerable children and young people with complex needs, aligning with the commission's long-term objectives.



Both commissioners and partner and attendees believe this project sets a precedent for future procurements that prioritise social value and foster effective collaboration with the 3rd  sector in public sector services.

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