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At Scale was delighted to be part of the programme that delivered the NHS Health and Wellbeing Service within the new Secure School model. This model offered a ground breaking opportunity to create an integrated approach for providing health and wellbeing services to children and young people on remand or sentenced by court. The school will be operated by Oasis Charitable Trust and offers a unique combination of education, care, and health services, making it the first of its kind in England.


Our population growth, new developments in our towns and villages and increased health and well-being challenges all play a major role in the need to secure new or improved general practice premises. Finance is not unlimited and a sound business case, collaborating across agencies is an absolute must. Planning change in the way general practice delivers services, more collaborative services, digital access and services and a flexible workforce will be part of your estate's strategy. To securing not just a fit-for-purpose general practice premise but one that can meet future demand.


With At Scales experience of working within SARCs and our collaborative approach to programme management, NHSE Health and Justice commissioned At Scale to programme manage the delivery of six new SARC premises across SE England ahead of new forensic accreditation.


Recruiting and retaining staff is one of the biggest challenges facing social care and one that has got worse since the pandemic. As a result, many councils are becoming reliant on agency staff. 


At Scale successfully bid and were commissioned by North East London NHS Trust to undertake a review of their Adult Mental Health Service (AMHS) offer for individuals aged 18-25, specifically focusing on the transition process from Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS).


When a consortium of three NHS trusts and two GP federations needed to tender for the delivery of the urgent care service for their area, one of their first steps was to call At Scale. Having helped them win their previous bid for this service six years before, the consortium saw us as the trusted partner they could rely on to help them win it again. 

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