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We embrace change (said lots of people) but the real struggle is the lack of resources to tackle both our "day job" and transformation (said nearly everyone). Enter the superheroes of the corporate world - the advisors (said the advisors to themselves)! Whether interims, short-term contractors, or consultants, do they really swoop in to save the day. But, beware, fellow decision-makers, for many pitfalls lie ahead when choosing your trusted advisors. Let's inject a little humour to get the message on how to make better decisions.

Limiting the Selection Pool - Staying Safe vs. Venturing into the Unknown

Choosing advisors just because they work for a recognised "big brand" or are familiar faces from your old networking events is a trap! Be bold, my friends, and seek new talent regularly. Refresh 50% of your advisors every two years, and don't just buy on brand name. After all, Batman can't save Gotham City all by himself; he needed Robin to spice things up!

Not Joining Up Support - When Consultants and Interims Collide

Picture a team of advisors who don't share a common goal. Chaos, right? Ensure all advisors working on shared projects have common terms of engagement. Consider developing a shared incentive for all, like a "Hero of the Month" award. A bit of coordination goes a long way, just like the Justice League!

Making the Selection Decision Alone - Seek Advice on Choosing Advisors

Never go it alone! Seek a second opinion on your choice of advisors. Colleagues have invaluable insights from previous experiences. Plus, thanks to social media and networking, you can dig up some dirt on potential advisors. Just remember to filter out any personal or business biases. After all, even Iron Man needs Jarvis's advice.

Realising You Need External Support Too Late - Avoid Superhero Delays

Don't wait until the last moment to seek help! Batman doesn't wait until Gotham City is crumbling to call for backup. (I know, Batman twice). Identify gaps early and decide what you can handle internally. It saves time, money, and possibly the world from impending doom!

Not Being Clear About What You Want to Change - Avengers with Clear Missions

Be clear about the task you want advisors to tackle. It's like sending the Avengers on a mission without clear instructions. Specify your desired outcome and use milestones to measure progress and success. No vague missions; this is not a game of "Where's Waldo?"

Not Aligning Their Culture with Yours - Finding the Right Match

Matching advisors to your organisation's culture is vital. If your workplace is laid-back and relaxed, hiring a consultant who's all business and would not recognise the importance of varying cultural styles won't work. Spot different "styles of intervention" and find someone who meshes well with your culture. It's like finding the right sidekick for your superhero adventures!

Selecting Support That Does Not Challenge You - The Brave vs. The Yes-Sayers

A brave advisor will challenge your ideas and present different options. You need a sidekick who stands up to you, not a yes-sayer. Evaluate advisors based on how they handle contentious outcomes. Remember, even Wonder Woman needs an advisor to help her weigh her options.


Ladies and gentlemen, these are the seven superhero-focused mistakes to avoid when choosing your advisors. So, like a superhero assembling the perfect team, be bold, seek diverse talents, and cherish advisors who challenge and support your mission. With these lessons in mind, you'll make decisions worthy of a Marvel movie plot twist! Other franchises are, of course, available.


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