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At Scale has a long track record of working in health, social care and local government,
delivering change and improving service delivery. We provide project management, business
and organisational development, performance improvement and implement digital health


Our clients include Local Authority Adult and Children's Services, Acute and Community Hospital Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, GP practices, primary care delivery networks (GP Federations and PCNs), NHS Dental Services, primary, community and specialist services, Digital Inclusion Partnerships, Police, Youth Justice, CIC, and Community and Voluntary sectors. In addition, our clients include commissioning organisations including NHSE, Local Authorities, former CCGs and Integrated Care Partnerships and Systems.


At a simple level, collaboration is two or more people or organisations working together to accomplish an agreed goal. For At Scale, collaboration means far more than that. It is more than communication and dialogue, it is partnership, capacity, expertise, communities and integration. Our work starts with correctly defining our client’s issues, considering the alternatives, and balancing the impacts to form the best possible solution. Collaborating with stakeholders in this step maximise your chances of success. 





Engagement is key to our work and underpins all our support and solutions development. We have developed a variety of engagement tools to ensure engagement is inclusive and meets both the needs of our clients and their stakeholders. When change isn't led and managed effectively, we understand the impact this can have on individual and organisational resilience, motivation and performance. 

So, we work to ensure that we have effective dialogue and engagement with our clients to make this process as smooth as possible.  We help all parts of public service come together in their Neighbourhoods, their Places and their Systems. We use effective and modern engagement techniques and a spectrum of informal and formal engagement methods to ensure we are inclusive of everyone involved in the process. Our goal is to ensure our clients and stakeholders fully engage in shaping the services and the outcomes that will affect them. 



There are many definitions of transformation. Take your pick.  At Scale take a simple view that transformation involves a lot of effort to deliver substantial and sustainable improvement by shifting mindsets, behaviours, and capabilities. Many transformation programmes do not consider the two key steps to building consensus through engagement and collaboration. Our work and our success involve understanding the current and future service context, demands, technology and workforce. Combining and planning to change those things is the way we make transformation happen.  

Digital Health
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